Scott Johnson

My Christian life began at the age of 22 when God graciously called me from agnosticism to faith in Jesus Christ. In his providence, I came to faith just before moving to Japan to teach English there for one year. That was 1993. While there, I was baptized by an American missionary.

After moving back to the States in 1994, I lived for two and a half years in Missoula, Montana. There I united with a local Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) and under the patient and loving guidance of the pastor, Rev. Ron McKenzie, I grew in my faith and in my understanding of Reformed theology.

In 1997 I returned to Japan, this time as a Missionary Associate with OPC. While there I met my wife, Robyn, and we married in 2000. God has blessed us with five children.

I graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2003, served an OPC church in Norman, Oklahoma, for three and a half years, and have served as the pastor Grace OPC in Wasilla since 2007.

Robyn and I have enjoyed living in Alaska (and learning how to catch – and prepare – salmon!). My interests include reading, running, driving the kids places, and following the St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Mariners (in that order!).

I look forward to meeting you when you visit Grace!