New Sunday School Class – The Bible and Money


I’m excited about the new adult Sunday School class that will begin on September 11th. The subject is “The Bible and Money” and will be taught by one of our deacons, Fred de Ru. I know Fred has put a lot of thought and time into studying this subject – and not just to teach a class but because he’s been passionate to learn what God’s Word has to say about the stewardship of our resources. Below is a description of the class. I encourage you to come and learn – it might change the way look at your finances!

Pastor Scott

Fred’s class description:

When I hear the passage in the gospels where Jesus tells the rich young ruler to sell all that he has, give the money to the poor, and follow Him, I cringe inside and struggle over what is really being asked of me.  Does Jesus want me to do the same thing?  I have a resposibility to support my church, to support my family, and to support myself.  How does that line up with selling all that I have?  What Bible passages do I apply to myself in regards to money management? 

The Old Testament believers were required to give back to God nearly a third of their income through tithes, offerings and sacrifices.  As a New Testament believer does God expect the same thing from me? 

I live in a country that is richer than any in history. I enjoy the good things that God has given me and express my gratitude to Him daily.  But the Bible says it is hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of God and it says the poor are blessed.  Should I seek poverty for me and my family?

I did not trust my presuppositional answers to these and many other questions about money even though I have been a Christian my whole life and have always gone to church.  I started a pursuit of what the Bible says about it several years ago and find myself still in the middle of it. 

For about eight weeks this Fall I hope to share with you some of what I have found interesting or helpful thus far.  We will look at the parable of the shrewd steward, doctrine of work, the Mosaic tithe, the Abrahamic tithe, New Testament giving, understanding poverty, and how to find contentment. 

While there is no question that our salvation is through faith in Christ alone, nevertheless, the Bible says, “…Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” (James 2:17 NIV) Please join us as we study Biblical, Christian stewardship of our money and possessions with a view toward true faith in action.