Good Read – Lit! by Tony Reinke


Words are the lifeblood of the Christian and for that reason this book is so extremely important and helpful. As believers we are people of the Book, and our souls’ health depends in large part on the printed word – both Scripture and otherwise. Christians ought to be devoted book readers (starting, of course, with the Bible). But the challenges to reading are legion: digital distraction, busyness, and of course lack of self-discipline.

In Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books, Tony Reinke gives us a solid theological foundation for approaching the reading of books, shows us the benefits of reading, and inspires us to read broadly and wisely. I learned a lot from Lit!, and put down the book with a fresh zeal to read. Have you wondered why, as a Christian, it is important to read fiction? Or with so many books available, how do you choose which to read? Or why you’re finding it harder to concentrate on reading books (answer: the internet)? Should you read non-Christian literature? Do you want some helpful practical tips in finding time to read and knowing how to get the most out of a book? Reinke addresses all of these questions and more.

I urge fathers, mothers, older children, pastors, and teachers to read this book and put into practice the sound wisdom you’ll find in it. As Christians we need every encouragement to saturate our hearts and minds with edifying and God-glorifying words. This book will encourage and equip you to maintain a life-long habit of reading. And unless you live in a library, in today’s environment hostile to books and reading, you need all the help you can get!

Pastor Scott